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About zombain.io

Zombain.io unblocked is really a challenging zombie-themed Battle Royale game in which you have to defeat both enemies and zombies in a huge arena. Get yourself ready for the most awesome battle you have ever experienced. You are armed with a small revolver and you need to use it smartly to shoot your way through the map while finding more powerful weapons. Try to aim then eliminate all zombies and enemies with accurate shots before they harm you. Equip yourself with better weapons, like a submachine gun, powerful shotgun, mega rocket-launcher, etc. don’t forget to eat donuts to increase your strength. If your health is running out, get to the nearest health box to recover it. Always watch out for your surroundings as well as defend yourself. Can you become the last hero standing on the ground? You will receive lots of valuable prizes if you win. Play Zombain.io for fun now!

How to play

Move around the map using the mouse. Your hero aims automatically. Click the left mouse to shoot zombies and enemies.

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