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About Worms.lol

Worms.lol is one of the newest Slither style io games. Get ready to compete against other players and defeat them! You should win, complete quests and earn rewards as soon as possible. Start off with a tiny worm after you play Worms.lol online unblocked, you need to eat a lot of food to grow bigger and longer. Similar to Agar.io, you can conquer the rankings if you are the longest creature on the server. Alike with the original, animals in Worms.lol free including you can eliminate big monsters whenever. Cutting off the target is considered a classic strategy. Do not forget to block their head and make them crash into your tail! It’s pretty easy to roam and speed up! Be careful! Sprinting will reduce your mass and you cannot escape when you are being chased. Remember to defend the weakest part or you will be killed and eaten! Have fun!

Play Worms.lol Unblocked Online
Play Worms.lol Unblocked Online

How to play

Use the mouse to navigate the worm, Left Mouse to speed up

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