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About Wormania.io

Wormania.io is an interesting Slither.io Snake game online in which players will control their own neon worm around the map to gather a lot of discrepant colored dots. You should eat the dots as much as you can for a large size because you will find it much easier to cope with other enemy worms once your body has become bigger. In addition, you should find some power-ups then use them for more awesome abilities. When you get ready to fight against others, you should use your long body to surround them, block their exits, and make them crash into you. Also, you can even make a speed boost to bypass the enemies, their path will be blocked by your long tail for sure. Just keep in mind that you must defend your head and try not to run into an enemy worm’s body. Your goal is to become the best worm in the arena!

How to play

Use the left mouse button to speed up.

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