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About Voxar.io

Fly your creativity and imagination with Voxar.io unblocked! You can play this 3D io game for free in your browser. In this title, you are a free explorer roaming a huge map and the mission for you is to place blocks to make buildings, sculptures, and anything you have conjured up in mind. You can build them at your own taste, decorate them with whatever you want so they can become the unique constructions. To build these constructions, you will have to get access to four given modes in Voxar.io game, including the view mode, build mode, pick mode and destroy mode. The view mode lets you take a look around the map, the build mode lets you place the blocks to build stuff, the pick mode allows you to copy the current blocks, and the destroy mode lets you destroy the built blocks. Make use of these modes to fulfill your buildings and turn your world into the most beautiful one! Are you ready for Voxar.io online? Happy building!

How to play

Use WASD for the movement, press keys 1-4 to use the modes, press Enter to chat, use the spacebar for options, use the left mouse to pick a color or place a block.

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