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In a free shooting game online called, you will have a chance to present your shooting ability when trying your best to shoot down all enemies around the world in the same arena. unblocked is a pixelated shooting game that can keep you interested for hours for its unique gameplay, nice features, and challenges. You only have a big goal when stepping into the area: kill all enemies before they kill you. Make your way through the map carefully and shoot everyone in sight before they get away. At the same time, you can use some walls and blocks as a cover to avoid the onslaught of bullets from them. If you get shot, the game will be over. So, make sure you remain alive for as long as possible and pick up a lot of kills to reach the top place on the leaderboard. Are you ready? Play game in your browser now!

How to play

Move around the arena using WASD, use the spacebar to jump, shoot with the mouse, reload your weapon using R, press F to spray, and use Q/E to change weapons.

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