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About UFOz

Fly your UFO through a big city in a fun io game called UFOz! You must get ready to compete against lots of enemies from around the world. UFOz unblocked is inspired by Hole.io with familiar gameplay. You will control your UFO around the city trying to suck up almost everything on your way, such as buildings, trees, people, and even enemy UFOs that are smaller than you. As you suck them, you will earn points as well as gain size. When you come across the bigger UFOs, you’d better run away from them before they catch and eat you up. Once you get sucked, your game will be over. Hence, you need to be careful with them. But you can chase for further smaller enemies as well as more edible food. Don’t forget to upgrade your UFO to have more power. You have to climb the ladder to become the best player!

How to play

The mouse is used for moving your UFO around the map. Use the left mouse to suck.

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