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Battle against numerous opponents in a fantastic 2D Shooter game called TOONZ! Say hi to it now and get yourself ready for an epic team-based battle. This free-for-all multiplayer game is packed with actions, giving you a lot of challenges to conquer. You will play with a team and you must help your teammates finish off all opponents. Make use of the weapons you have in order to vanquish everything in sight. You should aim then shoot the score between two teams, gain more prizes for upgrading, launch your deadly attacks to all opponents and finish them before it’s too late. When you are in trouble, let your teammates help you out as well as be sure to assist them when they are in danger! The final goal here is to lead your team to the ultimate glory and you can earn a lot of wonderful rewards. Let’s join it now! Give it a shot!

How to play

Use the left mouse to fire, use the right mouse to rotate the camera, press the mouse wheel scroll to zoom, move with WASD, and buy weapons using keys 1-9.

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