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About Table

Tug The Table was a famous multiplayer game, and now you can try its multiplayer version titled Table – a new io game that has just been released in browsers. The game is free for players from around the world to join and master. It opens up a brutal battle where players have to tug the table and make each other cross the line. It may sound simple but not easy to conquer, especially if the rivals are stronger than you. In this case, you must use some tricks or strategies so you can outplay them and have a higher chance to win. As soon as the battle kicks off, quickly tug the table while trying to make your opponents across the line. Once the table is completely on your side and the enemies cross the line, you will win the match. For each match you win, you will earn a high score and a trophy. Do your best to gain them more for a chance of becoming the ultimate winner! Are you ready? Have fun playing Table online in your browser!

How to play

You can use the keyboard controls or the buttons in the game for jumping and moving.

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