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About is a web browser game pitting you against real opponents and bots. Are you up to join this fascinating strategy io game online to express your skills? The whole game is taken in a huge arena where you must make careful moves to kill your opponents. There are many bots around you, and if you kill them too, you will earn some points. The only way of killing others is to stab them from behind without them knowing it. You’d better be as much sneaky as possible to perform a successful kill. Make sure you watch out for your surroundings as you go around the map and always protect yourself from the enemy swords, otherwise, you will get stabbed, causing the game to be over. Like other io games unblocked, in free, you also have to keep yourself alive until you are the last one standing on the ground to become the winner.

How to play

Use WASD for the movement, pick a target using the left mouse, press the spacebar to attack enemies, use Ctrl to prone and key C to crouch.

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