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About Spinz.io

Get ready to play Spinz.io royale online for free with friends around the world now! If you love to play with a fidget spinner in real life, you will love this io game a lot. The game lets you control a fidget spinner around a big map to gather colored dots. The more dots you pick up, the faster the spinner speed you will have. As you build up speed, you can collide with other spinners that are slower than you, while avoiding the faster ones. The faster always wins, so if you are slower, you will be destroyed, causing the game to be over. When you succeed in killing enemies, quickly collect their drops to get your speed faster. You should use some combos to destroy the opponents and attempt to survive for as long as possible until you reach the highest spot on the leaderboard, making you the best player in the arena.

How to play

Use the mouse to spin your fidget spinner, and click the left mouse to accelerate.

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