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Be ready to fly into tough space combat in a challenging yet interesting space-themed upgrades game called! You will navigate a big spacecraft around in space trying to vanquish everything in sight. Your main task is to defeat all enemy aircraft as fast as possible without getting yourself destroyed. When you try to fight against them, you should also watch out for deadly asteroid fields because they can deal damage to your ship critically. Once you consume damage from them or from the opponents, you will meet your dom for sure, causing the game to be over. Try to shoot down all others before they have a chance to kill you, and don’t forget to conquer planets by laying your landing pad on the surface of them, after that, you can claim them for yourself. Do you think you can establish your ultimate dominance in the arena? Give it a shot now!

How to play

Use the left mouse to control your spaceship. Press the spacebar to fire, use key S to open the shop, key J to land on the planet when you near it. Then, use the spacebar to take off, key T to place a turret, key M for placing a mine, key L for placing a landing pad, and key S for placing a shield.

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