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About Snow

Are you ready for an epic snow fight set in a snowy world brought to you by Feel free to play it in your browser and take the chance to present your skills. It’s all about fighting with snowballs. But first, you must wander around the snowy map carefully collecting a lot of snow then form the snow into a ball. When someone is passing by your place or near you, quickly aim then throw the snowball at them to eliminate them. At the same time, you’d better protect yourself because if you get hit by their snowballs, you will be destroyed. Make sure you cleverly create big snowballs so you can knock out enemies more easily. Try not to get yourself frozen because it will take you a few seconds to unfreeze, and do not fall out of the map either. Do your best to survive until you are the top player on the leaderboard! Join unblocked now! Much fun!

How to play

Move with WASD, use the mouse to collect snow, and release it to throw the snowballs at enemies.

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