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About is an Agario style game. Play a classic match against multiple enemies and dominate the top spot as soon as possible! Choose the monster you like most and jump into a map. In which, you need to eat everything that you see on the path. The resource that helps you grow in size will include the candy. It’s easy to gather that. Like the original, you will increase your score quickly. However, what you have achieved in can be stolen or belong to those who will kill you. In case you let someone bump into your body, you will have to stop your race instantly. Therefore, the only way that you can implement is to evade your rivals. After you join, you will be equipped with a special ability which allows you to speed up whenever. It is effective if you want to run away from opponents or simply run away from chasing adversaries. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to move and press left mouse to boost

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