Slither io game

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About Slither io game

Slither io game free online is the most famous snake game that draws the attention of many gamers from around the world, especially the fans of snake games. In unblocked, every player will be dressed as a cunning snake slithering their way through a big map with multiple orbs dotted around. Your size is very small when spawning, so you must collect as many orbs as possible to grow it. When you become a big snake, feel free to enter clashes against other rivals and use your tricks to destroy them all. You can encircle around them, speed up to cut them off, block their exits, etc. Just do whatever it takes to have them run into you. Once your opponent snakes have been destroyed, pick up their dead orbs to get yourself much bigger. You must do your best to survive and make your rank grow to the top to become the best snake on the server. Don’t forget to check out Slither io mods online for extra features! Have fun!

How to play

Use the mouse to control the movement of your snake and click the left mouse to move faster.

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