Slither Birds

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About Slither Birds

Slither Birds is an amazing Io game which is also a version of But, you will start off with a usual creature with a bird-shaped head and a body of a worm. Your objective in the new match taken place in the mid-air is to become the longest snake. So, it is important to gain the highest mass in Slither Birds. Eating available food dots is easier than consuming the remains of those who have exploded. Indeed, you can be trapped and killed if you do not know how to escape.

Play Slither Birds game online you are able to boost your movement speed in case you are being chased by a stronger enemy. Or, you can make use of that special ability to catch up with your prey. Be careful! You can bump into somebody and turn into glowing pieces if you cannot handle it. Try to observe everything in Slither Birds while you are performing! Once you survive, your winning chance will be improved immediately. Enter your nickname and pick out the favorite skin to enjoy now!

How to play

Use the mouse cursor to move, click to speed up.

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