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About SideArms unblocked is a fascinating third-person arena-style game taken in a futuristic world full of challenges. Can you make your way through this world killing all enemies for the ultimate dominance? free game is the place for you to express your excellent skills. You will sharpen your rocket skills for outrageous maneuvers as well as attempt to kill all enemies standing in your way. Watch out for your surroundings as you move because other fellow androids can take any chances to kill you. You are not alone in this battle. There is a bot that is always right beside you. Work with it to deal more damage to the enemies. You and your bot are going against the world! Both of you are also fighting for the right to control a giant mech in a chaotic shootout. Show off all of your skills that you have and prove to them that you are the best fighter in free game!

How to play

Use WASD for the movement, press the spacebar to jump, use Shift for using the rocket boosts, click the left mouse to shoot, the right mouse or C to aim, press F for using katana, R to reload, E to change guns, “~” to drop secondary weapon and number keys 1-0 for using sticker emotes.

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