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About Shark

Shark unblocked is an Agario-style io game in which you are a hungry, hostile, and evil shark swimming around a big arena to hunt for food. There is no limit to your hunger, which means you can chomp as much plankton as possible, eat up all small fish standing in your way, and even gobble up enemy sharks that are smaller than you. The more you eat, the bigger you are, which makes you the best shark in the ocean. However, to that end, you have to play with good strategies and nice tactics because other enemy sharks can use their schemes to wipe you out, and they can even eat you if they are bigger than you. Try your hardest to grow as well as survive until you get to the top of the leaderboard to become the biggest shark. Have your skills ready for Shark free game now!

How to play

Move your shark around the ocean using the mouse. Try to eat smaller sharks and fish to get your body bigger.

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