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About is not only an Agario-inspired free game to master, but it is also an addicting io game about absorbing almost everything that stands in your way to become the biggest player on the server. The game is similar to, but it will be much funnier with extra cool features to explore. You are a small cell when spawning in the map, now, you must collect as many generated cells as possible to grow your size. After increasing your mass, you can kill other smaller cells by eating up them to grow your mass even more. Don’t skip any chances to eat enemies because it will boost your rank on the leaderboard a lot. But, you have to watch out for the enemies that are bigger than you since you cannot eat them. Think you can get to the top 1 and rule the whole arena? Have fun playing game!

How to play

Direct the movement of your cell with the mouse. Shoot masses using W and split your cell using the spacebar.

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