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About online is a game like but with a twist. You are no longer a snake in this title, now you are a little sea dragon swimming through a big ocean. You are after many colored dots and fishes dispersed around in the ocean. As you eat them all, your size will become bigger, giving you more strength as well as allowing you to evolve into a bigger sea dragon. Then, you can chase after other enemy sea dragons played by real human opponents. You must use try to eat the smaller ones while avoiding the bigger ones. If you get eaten by the bigger ones, your game will be over. Don’t forget to use good strategies with smart tactics to get an upper hand on your rivals. The main objective for you is to become the biggest sea dragon on the leaderboard. Get ready to play Sea Dragons io unblocked right now!

How to play

Move your sea dragon around the map using the mouse and use the left mouse to speed up.

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