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It will not be easy to get through a post-apocalyptic wasteland in! Everything in this world is against you now, but luckily, you have a tank, so are you ready to fight against the dangers around you? In this title, you are also given a small piece of land that is full of fuel. You need to defend this resource at all costs. Go venture out into the world to accumulate more metal then use them as ammo or even to improve the tank. Your tank is armed with great weapons! You must shoot the primary turret or use the secondary weapon to deal damage to the rivals. As you attempt to wipe out others, you should leave your base well protected at the same time. Do not stray far from it, or else it will get damaged by the enemy attacks easily. You have only one goal here, which is to survive to reach the top of the leaderboard to become the best!

How to play

Move your tank using keys A/D or left/right arrow keys. Press key W or up arrow key to speed up. Click the left mouse to fire the primary turret, use the right mouse or press the spacebar to fire the secondary weapon.

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