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About Popsplit.us

Popsplit.us can be regarded as a spinoff of Agar.io game, and it also promises to keep you engaged for hours. The game features wonderful game modes, nice music, better graphics and so much more. Does it sound great? Why don’t you jump into it now and find your answer? In the game, you will take control of a little cell around the map eating numerous tasty generated cells across on the floor to grow in size. You should eat everything getting in your way, except for the bigger guys. Do not get close to them, or else you will get eaten. You need to get larger, split your main cell into smaller parts, chase down other smaller guys, absorb all of them to grow up even more. You probably have understood the game rules in Agar.io, and in Popsplit.us, the rules remain the same! Try your hardest to reach the top 1 on the leaderboard to become the best cell on the server!

How to play

Move your cell using the mouse, throw some mass using key W, split cell using spacebar or key 1, split twice using key D or key 2, split three times using key A or 3, do a trick split with key Shift, do the line split with key Z and toggle the zoom using the mouse wheel scroll.

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