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About Pixeledo

Pixeledo is another Battle Royale Multiplayer Strategy game online. You will engage in a tough battle with turn-based gameplay. There will be lots of monsters trying to finish your life, so you must use your strong weapons with excellent different moves to outplay all of them. An important thing here is that you have to make use of each turn you have and try to make it count for every time you kill the opponents. Don’t forget to maximize your movement as well as dish out the largest amount of damage possible. Never underestimate your enemies as they can outplay you anytime. Stay fully focused on the battle and develop your own smart strategies through over time fighting so you can get an upper hand on your rivals easily. Just like other Battle Royale games, in Pixeledo, you will also vie for your ultimate victory and turn yourself into the last man standing. Are you up for the challenges? Let’s conquer them now!

How to play

Move or turn using WASD. Shoot with the spacebar, choose a weapon using keys 1-4, jump with key 1, perform a diagonal jump using key E, press keys ZXCV for choosing a blueprint, use key Shift for auto move, key R to reset or clear the move, key M to open the map, key N to open the options menu.

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