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About is a simple and enjoyable Strategy Upgrades game to play. The game is all about vanquishing the entire map by using your own units. There are three types of building featured in the game, such as farm, capital, and fort. With the farm, you must make good use of it to generate as many gold coins as possible, after that, you utilize the earned coins to construct brand new units. For the fort, you have to use it to protect your capital all the time. Through over time, you’d better develop your units and let them enlarge your realm. Don’t forget to watch the resources, you should develop them as well using some strategies you know. Be sure to manage your income, make it steady and attempt to change the map into your color. Don’t forget to defeat any enemies standing in your way. Start it now! Good luck to you!

How to play

Use the left mouse for playing, and move the camera using WASD.

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