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About ORBz.io

ORBz.io is a nice and fun game about orbs spinning in a stable orbit. The game will drop you in a huge arena where you have three rotating orbs that must be used wisely to deal damage to the rivals during contact. In the beginning, you have 100 health points, when you discover the map, you should collect figures to increase your health point. Keep gathering them until your orbs become stronger and you can go kill even more other players. Although the three orbs are rotating at a fixed speed, you can still boost the velocity giving up some health while you’re doing it. Throughout the course of the game, try not to get close to the orbs of your opponents because if their orbs reach you, you will take massive damage from them, causing your adventure to come to an end. Let’s give it a try now! Good luck to you!

How to play

Use the cursor to move around. Click the right mouse to grow the orbit radius, click the left mouse to reduce it. Use the spacebar to boost the orbiting velocity.

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