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About is a Maze Strategy game about a little honey bee trying to collect a lot of nectar to grow his score and feed his nests. When you spawn in the arena, you will become that honey bee undertaking those tough missions. You must focus on gathering as much nectar as possible so as to have a high score. When you venture out searching for nectar, you will surely come across other players who are doing the same tasks and they will not be hesitant to wipe you out. You must be an aggressive bee stealing nectar from your opponents as well as give them no chances to steal yours. Stay watchful for your surroundings as you enter nutritious areas because they normally contain many risks that can end your honey life. When you earn a lot of resources, you can recruit more minions or even build many nests. Your goal in is to dominate the entire playing ground.

How to play

The left mouse is used for shooting, the right mouse is used for dropping nektaar, the middle mouse button is used for stopping or moving, and use the mouse to move your bug.

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