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About n00b.io

It’s time for you to become an aggressive gunner in n00b.io! You will also experience the Battle Royale element in this 2D Shooter game. The match is kicked off in a Minecraft style world filled with pixelated graphics. There are many classes of fighter for you to pick, so choose your favorite one then jump into the action. Like always, you must go find as many weapons as possible and use them to go against your rivals. Aim at them accurately, shoot them down then wipe them out of the battle. It’s also very important to defend yourself at the same time killing the rivals. In case you take massive damage, you will face your end instantly. Try to always elude fire from others! Don’t forget to watch out your ammo count and reload the weapon in plenty of time. You should also go find some strategic places on the map that can be used as a hideout. Your goal in n00b.io game is to crowned as the top champion fighter!

How to play

Move your fighter with arrow keys or WASD. Click the left mouse button to fire, use the spacebar to jump, and use key Shift to sprint.

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