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About MineRoyale.io

Come to try an awesome 2D Shooter Strategy Battle Royale game called MineRoyale.io! You will have a chance to present your mining ability and use it to conquer all the challenges. The game features numerous diverse resources that need to be mined carefully. After that, you utilize them to craft multiple advanced tools that can help you in killing the enemies standing in your way. You’d better use those tools wisely for your survival, or else you may end up getting destroyed by other players. Aside from focusing on killing others, you should remember to keep an eye on the danger zone that keeps shrinking in size. You must be careful with it because it will put players closer together, forcing you and others to fight against each other for the ultimate survival, and if you’re weaker than them, your game may come to an end. Ensure that you always bring enough equipment to defeat the enemies and come out as the last miner standing! Good luck to you!

How to play

Use arrow keys or WASD for the movement. Click the left mouse to assault or mine resources, use number keys to change the item, key E to open crafting menu and key Shift to sneak.

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