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About Lordz2.io

Lordz2.io unblocked is the sequel to Lordz.io – a famous tower defense game from the io games series. If you already play the first chapter, then surely you will love to play the second chapter as it contains much better features. But if the title is completely new to you, you can try both of the versions in your browser. Lordz2.io free online is a game created by Spinbot Studio. It is taken in the Middle Ages. You take on the role of a lord who has to expand his land by capturing more unknown lands around the territory. Army and resources are two important elements that can make your kingdom thrive even more. This means you need to construct a castle with some crucial buildings in order to support your army. You can easily summon your units who can help you in conquest. When there is a war, send your units out into the fight to defeat all enemies before they take over your territory. Nothing can stop you from becoming the best lord! Play Lordz2.io PC online now!

How to play

Perform the movement using arrow keys or WASD, use the spacebar to dash, the left mouse to attack, key E or right mouse to trigger the special power, key B to build, key U to purchase a soldier, key F to organize army formation, key Y to improve the soldier, spacebar to divide your army, key C to alter the formation, key M for the minimap toggle, key L for the leaderboard toggle, key Enter to chat, and key Esc to open the pause menu.

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