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There are many battle royale io games online released in browsers, including unblocked. You can give a try to this title and take this chance to express your survivability. When all players around the world are ready, they will be taken to the battle royale map where the battle begins. You will make your way through the map trying to open chests, loot enemies, create a base, collect materials and get ready to kill your opponents. Looting items will be the first thing you must do, then gathering materials will be the second thing. When you are fully equipped with weapons and items, you will go hunt then kill enemies while trying to survive. Watch out for the zone that makes the map smaller. You have to dodge it, otherwise, you will take damage. Only the most cunning player can win! Do whatever you can to stay alive and become the last man standing in game online.

How to play

Use items using E/F, shoot enemies using the left mouse, press Q to toggle the build mode to build walls. Use the spacebar to jump, Shift to sprint, R to reload weapons, M to view the map, number keys 1-6 to change guns. To drop and move the inventory, click an item and move it where you want.

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