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About is one of the newest io games like It is available for all to download on mobile for free! It is about an online multiplayer match where you take control of a chicken. You are also a leader. And, you need to defeat every opponent on the server to conquer the leaderboard. It’s important to collect the most eggs and own the biggest group before them! 

Play Unblocked Online
Play Unblocked Online unblocked will offer three different game modes, including io, Battle Royale and Team. It’s easy to choose from playing solo or joining together with multiple teammates! Enter the room you want and show up your skills to achieve the goal! While you are traveling around the area, you can break shells and loot chicks. Additionally, you are able to block the head of squads nearby to cut them off. Besides, you should master speeding up ability. It’s useful to run away or chase! Good luck!

How to play

Hold and drag Left Mouse to move, Space to speed up, Right Mouse to attack

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