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About HoppingBalls.io

HoppingBalls.io unblocked is a unique 3D multiplayer game you can play and compete against new opponents. There have been many io games like this released before for browsers, but HoppingBalls free online promises to bring you the best game experience ever. In this title, you are provided with a 3D ball and you must control it carefully through a crazy arena full of tough rivals. Let your ball bounce as fast as possible to leave all others behind! On your way, you must dodge spikes with other dangerous impediments. If you come in contact with them, the game will be over for you instantly. The faster your ball bounces, the higher the score you will earn. With the best score you have earned, you will become the winner of the race and rule the leaderboard. Does it sound fun? No more waiting! You can try playing HoppingBalls.io free online now!

How to play

Direct the movement of your ball using the arrow keys.

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