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About HiveSweeper

HiveSweeper unblocked is a bee-themed io game that is free for all. Prepare your skills in advance and use them to take over a bee hive as you try to defeat all of your opponents. You will compete against them in the hive. There will be 5 enemies that you have to conquer. Make your way through the bee hive in an attempt to claim more tiles around you. As you claim them, you can create a territory for yourself. Make sure you save your tiles because if you make a mistake or run out of tiles, the game will be over. Also, you must watch out for other bees as they also want you out. Another thing you have to pay attention to is the traps. You should identify them as you move around the map. But the more you play, the more you will get a feel for realizing them in the tile arrangements. The main objective for you in HiveSweeper free online is to get to the top and become the best bee in the hive.

How to play

Move your bee around the bee hive using the mouse. Click the left mouse to claim “safe” tiles, click the right mouse to claim “trap” tiles. Left click and drag to pan the camera around the hive.

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