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About is a new MMO style game unblocked. The story is started when geese have angered the farmer and they decided to steal his stuff. Even, they determined to irritate that man during his daily chores. Therefore, they are locked in a small place. These creatures are trying to break that area and escape. However, they get big trouble when they collide with each other while finding the way out. More importantly, the conflict can cause the death of those animals.

Play Unblocked Online
Play Unblocked Online

Play online free and control a goose. You need to avoid hits for survival. Meanwhile, you should eat as much as possible. The food consumed will allow you to increase your experience points and unlock levels. Not only that, you have the chance to grow bigger and evolve. It is good to improve your survivability and help you win the top spot. Are you ready to learn how to gather, fly and bite? Enter the playfield right now!

How to play

Use the mouse to move, click to fly and attack

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