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About Evonite.fun

Evonite.fun is a fantastic classic 2D shooter io game with a great evolution system. Explore the new match free online with multiple enemies worldwide and destroy as many as possible. When you eliminate somebody, you can see that the bar will be filled up. It means that you can level up sooner if you finish off your rivals. Once it is full, the next stage will be unlocked. Not only that, your character in Evonite.fun unblocked also changes his appearance. He can grow bigger as in Agar.io and turn into another stronger class. It is very helpful for you to rank up and dominate the top spot. Aside from killing smaller or weaker targets, do not forget to cut down trees and palms! Mine them to boost up your progress! Meanwhile, try to avoid larger competitors or you will lose instantly! It promises to be a cool match to play. Let’s share the adventure with your friends now!

Play Evonite.fun Unblocked Online
Play Evonite.fun Unblocked Online

How to play

Use the mouse to navigate, Left Mouse to attack and mine, Right Mouse to accelerate, Enter to chat

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