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About Driftking.io

It’s time to demonstrate that you are the best racer in Driftking.io unblocked! As soon as the race kicks off, you will immediately control your car through a large map and perform many awesome drift moves as you attempt to beat all enemies who are doing the same thing as you. Make sure you are always careful and pay attention to your surroundings all the time as the enemies can take any chances to attack you. Try to speed up to leave all of them behind and use your strategies with tricks to destroy them. By killing them, you will have a higher chance to win the race. Like other racing io games unblocked, in Drifking.io 3D game, you must also become the first one getting to the finish line so you can win. Feel free to express all the skills you have during the game! Are you up to join the race? Hopefully, you will have a great time with it!

How to play

Move your car using WASD, use the spacebar for using the handbrake, use C to change the camera, and use Esc to pause the game.

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