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About DinoRoyale.io

Can you finish off all enemies in just one minute in DinRoyale.io unblocked? Get ready to conquer this challenging battle royale game that is free to access in browsers. You will have another chance to express your skills. Rather than playing as a mere human, now, you will become one of the big dinosaurs in DinoRoyale.io free game. You will make your way through the map hunting for smaller dinosaurs controlled by other players and quickly eating them up to gain size. Basically, DinoRoyale.io gameplay is the same as Agar.io. It’s also about the big eating the small, and the biggest will dominate the leaderboard. You are chasing for the championship so you must do your best to obtain it. Go kill all small enemies while defending yourself from the bigger ones. If you get eaten, the game will be over. You have to survive and get crowned as the King of dinosaurs!

How to play

Direct the movement of your dinosaur in the game using the mouse.

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