Cursor Knights

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About Cursor Knights

Cursor Knights is a great RPG Upgrades game in which you attack and finish off all monsters using your cursor. This is going to be a highly-addictive game you will never forget. You take control of your cursor around the map skillfully hunting down many targets. Once you have caught sight of some of them, quickly dish out a huge amount of damage to them as you attempt to defend yourself from the risks around you. The game is divided into many areas, every single of them has its own enemies, so you must try to finish all of them then you can proceed to the next zones to conquer more. If you eliminate one, you will earn XP and gold. Spend your XP on moving to the other areas while using gold to purchase brand new cursors, potions, etc. The new cursors will help you deal more damage, defeat the monsters, slay giant snakes and so forth. Sounds so great, right? Give it a shot now!

How to play

Move with WASD or arrow keys. Click the left mouse to drink potions or purchase things. Move the mouse around the move the cursor, use key E to interact and chat with key Enter.

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