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About is a platformer survival 2D game online taken in a randomly generated world. You will embark on an adventure full of challenges. In this adventure, you will create a base, collect resources, find food, and fight against lots of wicked mobs that are trying to kill you. The first thing you do is to collect some resources then use them to make a base for yourself as well as build blocks to create constructions. When you feel hungry, you must go find food and eat it quickly to recover your health. When the evil mobs show up, you have to kill them all by throwing rocks at them. Besides the mobs, you also need to be careful with other players who are also your enemies. Do your best to defeat them all and survive for as long as possible until you can reach the first rank on the leaderboard. Play Cubeeio unblocked for free now!

How to play

Use WASD to move, press key 1 for the sword, key 2 to throw stones and eat food, key 3 to build a block.

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