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About Crowd

Looking for a Zombies-themed IO game to master again? You don’t have to look further because, with Crowd, you can experience various challenges. Crowd is a game that turns you into a zombie from the very first beginning. It’s situated in a big city where zombies have to attack humans if they want to build a big group of their own. You have to roam through the city finding as many humans as possible, and quickly take them down to make your group larger. You can even search for enemy zombies to destroy their groups as well, but make sure you do this only when you have enough strength, or else your group will be the one ending up getting destroyed. Not only will you make your group bigger, but you also have to earn more fame in the city, which takes you closer to the victory. Have everything ready for this adventure now then see how big your zombie group is!

How to play

Move your group around the city with arrow keys only.

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