Crowd City

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About Crowd City

Crowd City is a good Free For All game with the simple but interesting gameplay. Play as a black hole and your objective is the largest character on the map. You’d better complete the mission as fast as possible because each match will only set within 2 minutes.

Roam throughout the map of Crowd City game and eat everything which is smaller than you or has the same size. They can be traffic cones, lights, fences, or cars. Each time you swallow something on your path, you will have the chance to enlarge and earn a higher rank. When you progress, you are able to devour buildings. Besides, you should remember that you will get troubles if you want to work together with another player in Crowd City or create a team. Always be careful of your rivals! Otherwise, you can be eaten whenever. Let’s hop into the arena and perform your plans smartly!

How to play

Use the mouse to move and collect items.

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