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About unblocked is a new shooter io game with lots of crazy battles. Do you want to express your shooting skills in a fun game like this? Then join it now in your browser! You become a pilot who must direct his helicopter through a big arena to aim and shoot everything. You can deal damage to the enemy helicopters, tanks, drones, and buildings as much as you want. When destroying them, you can earn more experiences for yourself, then evolve your helicopter with new weapons. Plus, you will be able to get access to more special abilities, such as grenade, bullet wipe, teleport, airstrike, banana bomb, laser beam and so much more. Keep your abilities upgraded through over time so you can have more strength to defeat the enemies. Your big goal in free shooting game is to rule the scoreboard and become the king of the arena. Wish you luck!

How to play

Move your helicopter around the arena using WASD. Click the mouse to aim and shoot enemies. You can activate special abilities using E and X.

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