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Cavegame free game unblocked is a game that is pretty much inspired by Minecraft. If you already explore the Minecraft world, you will surely love to play online. You begin it with just a simple pickaxe and word. After having these two basic items, you will roam the map to gather more various resources. The in-game resources are so diverse, so you can collect anything that you want and use them wisely for your survival. In addition, you can easily trade your own resources with other players or even fight against them to steal their items. It’s up to your play style to have a suitable selection on this. also lets you generate some structures by placing blocks down, so this is a big chance for you to fly high your imagination. You can build any construction at your will! When there is a conflict between you and other players, you should try your hardest to defeat them all. Enjoy it now!

How to play

Use WASD for the movement, click the left mouse to assault, collect items or place a block. Use the number keys to change an item, key Shift to sneak, and key E for the crafting or shop menu.

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