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About free brings you a new awesome experience! It’s a unique tower-defense io game in which you can move your castle around the map, through the clouds, and into an epic battle to defeat all enemies, dragons, and drakes. Have your skills ready for it! This is probably one of the best out wars in the sky you have ever experienced. unblocked will take you through various challenges as well. You must direct the movement of the castle carefully to hunt for enemies then quickly kill them all. At the same time, you have to pick up mana orbs for more XPs. Your castle will be upgraded through levels. There are up to 145 levels you can unlock in this title. After reaching Level 145, you can no longer improve your castle. For every level you reach, 1 upgrade point will be given to you. You can use it to evolve your castle into a big citadel with lots of powers. The game goal for you is to become the best castle in the arena! Much fun with it!
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How to play

The movement of your floating castle can be done through WASD or arrow keys. Charge up your attack using the left mouse button, and run away from danger using the right mouse button.

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