Buzzy Bees

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About Buzzy Bees

Buzzy Bees is a great strategy .iO game. It’s available for all to join a challenge unblocked at school! Take part in a fun multiplayer competition and play against everybody to occupy the leaderboard.
Firstly, you need to collect as much pollen as possible. In Buzzy Bees free, it is really important to set up hives. not only that, you should choose the best area to place that base. What you gather is also changed into Honey, the resource that can shared with teammates. Play Buzzy Bees online and you can search for allies easily. To the foes, you must prevent them from stealing or invading. Otherwise, you will lose. It’s highly recommended to work together with your team! You can loot slain players and demolish their homes. Do not forget to purchase upgrades unlocked from the shop! They will offer stronger weapons or units. Are you ready to engage in the match and win? Good luck!

How to play

Use LMB to deploy items or shoot, B to buy, T to find teams

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