Asteroid Anarchy

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About Asteroid Anarchy

Asteroid Anarchy unblocked is a great game with the battle royale concept. You will come to an asteroid field where you must attempt to collect crystals and ore to upgrade your ship. There will be lots of bots and other human players trying to attack you. Hence, you must protect yourself from their attacks and focus on mining resources to your advantage. For crystals, you can mine asteroids or kill the bots as well as opponents around you. With every 10 crystals you accumulate, the ship will earn an upgrade. This means the more crystals you have, the more upgrades you will get, making your ship stronger. For ore, you can get it by mining the center planet or killing bots and enemies. At least 5 ore will be used for fixing your ship if it gets damaged. Therefore, you should store a lot of ore to repair your ship when needed. You will use crystals to increase the cargo size to store more ore. Be sure to play with strategies and survive until you become the winner in Asteroid Anarchy free game!

How to play

Direct your ship using arrow keys or WASD. Use the spacebar or press F to shoot. Use “?” to show frames per second and ping.

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