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Archerz unblocked is a free game about archers fighting one another for arena domination. You take on the role of a commander who owns a small army and the mission for you here is to grow the size of the army by hiring more archers. If more archers are added to your size, you will gradually accumulate more strength to fight against other players. Each army can contain 100 archers. Once you have had them enough, send them out into the battle to finish off all enemies. You can order your archers to collect gold coins on the jungle map too. With these gold coins, feel free to spend them on awesome upgrades or even expanding your army’s size. In online, the main objective for the players is to become the perfect commander! Have your skills ready for this archery battle and see if you can conquer it! Much fun!

How to play

Control your archers around the map using the mouse. Left click to attack enemies, and use the bow by pressing keys 1-9.

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