Angry Snakes

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About Angry Snakes

Let’s see how angry you can be in a fun snake game called Angry Snakes! Just like other Slitherio-inspired IO games, this one also keeps you engaged and takes you through wonderful challenges that can be only conquered using your excellent surviving abilities. You move your own angry snake around the arena to gather a lot of glowing dots dispersed on the map. The reason you have to collect those is that it will make your size larger than ever, although you can totally eat up the dead remains of a certain snake killed by someone to increase mass, this way is still risky, especially when you are weak. So, you should never stop eating the dots! Once you have become bigger, you can encircle the enemy snakes, block their heads with your body and wipe them out of the arena easily. The main objective of this multiplayer game is to become the deadliest snake in the arena!

How to play

Control your snake using the mouse, click the left mouse to speed up.

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