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About unblocked pits you against new online competitors around the world. It’s time to present your excellent skills to them and defeat them all for your glory. gameplay is very simple to understand, but it will not be easy to conquer. You will need to have a lot of concentration, practice, and maybe a little bit of luck to win. The game drops you in a classic world war where you have to fly an airplane around a big arena trying to gather as many gems as possible. The more gems you pick up, the higher the scores you will get, allowing you to upgrade yourself too. On your way, other players will try to attack you. Watch out for their attacks and quickly use your strategies to deal with them. Whatever you do, make sure you will not take the damage from them, otherwise, your game will be over. Put your efforts to earn the most number of gems possible and fly your way to the top of the scoreboard in free game!

How to play

Direct your airplane around the map using the mouse. To speed it up, use the left mouse button.

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